University of The Free State Entry Requirements

By | December 29, 2021

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University of The Free State Entry Requirements

University of The Free State Entry Requirements, Admission requirements for specific study programmes

  • A minimum of 50% (achievement level 4) is required in your chosen UFS language of instruction (Afr or Eng).
  • The description of the degree/diploma/certificate is preceded by the programme code, to which the specific degree/diploma/certificate belongs, followed by the code of the specific degree/diploma/certificate.

Calculation (AP) with regards to candidates who passed Grade 12 in 2008 or later:

Admission points (AP) are calculated according to the four (4) compulsory subjects from the “designated” list and the best of two (2) other school subjects passed during one (1) examination session.

NSS-Performance level UFS-Admission Point (AP)
7(90% – 100%) 8
7(80% – 89%) 7
6(70% – 79%) 6
5(60% – 69%) 5
4(50% – 59%) 4
3(40% – 49%) 3
2(30% – 39%) 2

Undergraduate Selection Information

For the undergraduate selection requirements and selection procedure for all schools, please download our faculty booklet (PDF).

Read below for more information and to download selection forms for the different schools.

Refer to the academic programmes  for the yearbooks of the schools.

Refer to the prospective students portal for general orientation and registration.

Selection Results

For selection results (‘No selection record’ means that you are NOT selected) enter your student number. Successful candidates will receive a selection letter via email that must be completed and returned as indicated on the letter before the indicated date. If your application has been unsuccessful, you will be notified via email.

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Selection Procedure

Points to Remember

  • The selection process of the various schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences will take place as below.
  • For admission requirements and full details of the selection procedure, please download our faculty booklet (pdf).
  • Only a limited number of candidates are admitted to the first year of study.
  • Please refer to the specific school’s selection form for this year’s closing date.
  • No late applications will be considered.
  • Please read our “Frequently Asked Questions” page for any queries concerning the selection procedure.

General Information

The general regulations of the university, revised where necessary, are applicable to this faculty. Refer to the university’s policy documents.  It is the sole responsibility of the student to familiarise him/herself with the general/faculty regulations. A number of regulations apply to the various degrees and options.

Three sets of regulations are applicable:
A.  General Regulations of the University

These are applicable to all faculties and consequently also to the qualifications and programmes of this school. Unless otherwise specified, the general regulation regarding Baccalaureus degrees applies to the degrees set forth below.

The general regulations are available in Part I of the University Yearbook, available at the UFS-SASOL Library and deal with important issues such as the following:

  • Admission to the university, degree and diploma studies, and occasional study (separate courses).
  • Registration as a student, course adjustments, simultaneous registration, course compilation, duration of study, prerequisites, acknowledgement of courses passed at another institution.
  • Degrees with honours, re-admission and preventing students from continuing, re-assessment, special assessment, examination hall rules, misreading of examination timetable, results and mark sheets.
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The assessment and other regulations applicable to you are summarised in the regulations below

B. Faculty Regulations

These are specifically applicable to degrees and programmes offered in the different schools.

C. Regulations regarding the profession