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By | December 29, 2021

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University of The Free State Short Courses

University of The Free State Short Courses, Centre for Environmental Management: List of Short Courses

Short courses presented in the Centre for Environmental Management


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Introduction to GPS and GIS

This short course will guide students to master the practicalities of interpreting with the aid of spatial analysis tools.
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GIS Intermediate: Hydrological modelling and terrain analysis using digital elevation

The purpose of this short learning programme is to teach practitioners to derive a number of important environmental datasets from digital elevation models. A series of catchment modelling tools will be explored and used to model water flows in river catchments. Students will be exposed to a number of terrain analysis tools that will allow them to model terrain morphology and visibility. Although each of these tools is fairly easy to use, their power lies in combining them into complex models. By learning how to combine these tools effectively, participants will be provided with a powerful means of effective environmental management.
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Wetland legislation

The course, presented in association with Piet-Louis Grundling of Ixhaphozi Enviro Services, will build environmental practitioners’ proficiency in the management of wetlands by providing a broad overview of South African legislation relevant to wetland management. The course aims to inform delegates of recent landmark judgements that are highly relevant to the environmental management community at large and to the wetland fraternity in particular.
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Wetland management: Introduction and delineation

This course, presented in association with with Piet-Louis Grundling of Ixhaphozi Enviro Services, will provide environmental practitioners with skills and knowledge of national conservation initiatives and relevant policies and legislation, thereby raising their awareness of wetland ecology.
This course will promote technically sound and well-informed wetland management, planning, and conservation in South Africa.
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Wetland rehabilitation

The course, presented in association with Piet-Louis Grundling of Ixhaphozi Enviro Services, will cover the processes driving wetland dynamics, and introduce environmental practitioners to various tools that can be used for the monitoring, evaluation, mitigation of degradation, and rehabilitation of wetlands.
Participants will be informed of the necessity of strategy and planning, and introduced to relevant policies and legislation. The course will provide exposure to real-life situations and the opportunity for hands-on application of principles in the field.
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