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By | December 29, 2021

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XEROX University of The Free State

XEROX University of The Free State, XEROX Shimla Park is the main rugby venue at the University of the Free State. Four other fields are used mainly for Steinhoff Hostel Rugby and rugby practices for both Varsity teams and hostels.


Xerox is one of the many companies that supplies with different devices and machines that are used for different purposes in different industries around South Africa and the world at large. It is a world recognised organisation that is involved in the manufacture and distribution of document technology products.

The services are not only limited to equipment manufacture and distributions but they are also involved in other services that include business processes, document management and outsourcing services. The organisations has agents in many countries around the world and at the same time it has done partnership with some other organisations that are involved in the manufacture of document technology products to meet different customer expectations in different industries.

Xerox products can always be used by organisations in different sectors for photocopying, printing, scanning, faxing, data storage, emailing and many other things. There are many factors that affect the equipment selection that can always include the nature of the business. It is of critical importance for individuals to choose the equipment that will compliment the production and nature of the business.

They are striving to keep update with technology and this has largely been witnessed through the manufacture of devices and machines that are multifunctional. They are equipped with different functions as they can always be used for copying, faxing, scanning and printing as well as to store data for a given period of time.

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