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By | December 29, 2021

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University of The Free State Tenders

Tender terms

  • Items to be sold as is.
  • Contact the relevant person to view items before handing in your tender.
  • It is the tenderer’s responsibility to view items and verify the condition of items. Conditions on this page is only an indication.
  • Tenders must be handed in at room 202, George du Toit building.  Tenders can also be submitted to
  • The highest or only tender will not necessarily be accepted.
  • Please state the tender number and asset number of each item where applicable.
  • Items must be collected within 7 days of the tender being successfully allocated.
  • Under no circumstances will refunds be made.
  • Computers sold on tender: The software will be removed and computers will be formatted.

Tenders that do not indicate the tender number, asset number and tender amount, will be handled as invalid.
Tenders marked as INTERNAL will only be available to departments of the UFS
Tenders marked as INTERNAL AND STAFF will only be available to departments of the UFS and UFS staff

Enquiries: or 051-401 2072

Tenders are awaited for the following items:

Prospective tenderers must complete the vendor registration form to register as a vendor.

Once registered as a vendor, they will be invited when tenders become available.

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