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By | December 29, 2021

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University of The Free State Student Accommodation

University of The Free State Student Accommodation, A variety of accommodation options exist, both on the campuses and in the residential areas surrounding the University. Accommodation is not guaranteed when an applicant is accepted as a student.

  • On Campus Residences

The UFS has only single sex residences, which cater for senior and junior students in single or double rooms with shared bathrooms. Senior students may also qualify for on-campus apartments. Rooms in residences are furnished with a bed, desk, chair and curtains and equipped with central heating and Internet access. Residences for women have access control.

  • Off Campus Accommodation

Off-campus accommodation could take the form of an apartment or house shared by a group of students, full board with a family or a garden cottage. Students living off campus are divided into so-called “city residences” in order to afford them the same opportunities to become involved in sport and cultural activities on campus.

Take a good look around and compare accommodation on offer before entering into rental contracts. Note that this type of accommodation is seldom let furnished. Take your transport situation into consideration – don’t go too far afield if you don’t have a car.

How do I apply?

To qualify for on-campus accommodation, students must reserve rooms well in advance. Students are required to apply for accommodation by filling in the application forms for accommodation included in the the application package.

What are the costs?

The cost of accommodation on campus ranges from R900 to R1 900 per month (excluding meals).

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