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By | December 29, 2021

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University of The Free State Financial Planning Law

University of The Free State Financial Planning Law, Welcome to the School for Financial Planning Law. Approximately a 1 000 students are registered annually for the programmes that are offered by the School ranging from Undergraduate Degrees, Advanced Diplomas, to Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters Degrees all in the area of Financial Planning and Financial Planning Law.


The two elements that the School values above any other are high academic standards and student satisfaction. The balance between these two factors is the essence of the mission (as stated hereunder) of the School and we strive to achieve this in every endeavour.

The School values each student and understands that you are the core reason for the School’s existence. Please ensure that you remain in contact with us throughout your studies. We can only help if we know that you need help and we can only improve if you give us the feedback on which to base our improvements.

It is of the utmost importance that both students and employers feel that they are enriched through the education that the School offers. The knowledge, skills and abilities that students gain from any programme completed through the School must be carried forward into the evolving Financial Services Industry, to ensure that the professionalism and reputation of the industry can grow from strength to strength. Choosing to enrol for one of our specialized Postgraduate Diplomas shows your commitment to your further education and your dedication to expand your knowledge and expertise in a specific field of Financial Planning.

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The School is in the initial phase of growing an Alumnus form for all past students of the School. This Alumnus form will serve as a great networking platform for financial planners and offer access to lifelong learning. Please consider joining the Alumni upon the completion of your studies. (More information will be made available upon the completion of your studies.)

Contact Details

Please include the following information when you make an enquiry:

  • your initials and surname;
  • your cell phone or work number, or both of these;
  • Module code, your question or your enquiry.

For enquiries on the Postgraduate Diploma in Specialized Fields of Financial Planning please contact:

If your surname starts with the letter A – H: Jaqueline Badenhorst / 051 401 2604
If your surname starts with the letter I – N Julia Molete / 051 401 2144
If your surname starts with the letter O – Z Ujene Thompson / 051 401 2638
Fax number: 051 401 3733  
Postal address: School of Financial Planning Law (78)
  University of the Free State  
  PO Box 339