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By | December 29, 2021

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Who is the Department of Dermatology?

Description: Dermatology Keywords: Dermatology, Main PageUniversity of The Free State Dermatology, Our department is dedicated to the management and treatment of patients suffering from diseases of the skin, the training of medical students and other health care workers in the management of skin diseases, as well as the training of postgraduate doctors to become dermatologists (skin specialists).


The departmental offices and clinic are situated at the Universitas Hospital Annex (National Hospital) in Roth Avenue, Bloemfontein.

Undergraduate Study

Undergraduate training forms part of the MBChB degree. Training starts during the third year of the course and intensifies during the fourth and fifth years. During this time students spend a week in the department receiving clinical training and tutorials. Written and clinical assessments are done on a regular basis, integrated with the assessments of Internal Medicine.

Postgraduate Study

The department offers an MMed degree in Dermatology, taking four years. This enables the candidate to practice as a specialist dermatologist.

There is also involvement in the training and assessment of students in the MMed Fam degree and lectures are given to students in the MMed courses of Paediatrics and Internal Medicine.


Our first research project was launched in  2003 when a large number of skin cancer cases were treated with Photodynamic Therapy. A number of research studies and publications followed.

More information

The department is very proud of our website SA Dermatology Home Page, used by dermatologist as a communication tool.

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